The four Ps of public relations leadership

The four Ps of public relations leadership.

Hey there!

Just finished reading this article which I find it interesting to the PR fraternity. This article was posted to my Facebook University PR Group by our lecturer. The article was written by Anne Gregory on her experience in the communication discipline through the 4Ps.

The 4Ps are Purpose, Principles, People and Process. I couldn’t agree more to it and personally thinks it is a very educating article for a PR student like me.

Besides promoting this article, I’m glad I have personally thought about all these and in fact my friends and I discussed about all these elements that is needed in one of our PR case study during PR Principles.This article just summarised what we discussed and put them in place for what I’ve discussed with my group mates back at Taylor’s University.

Although we did not managed to exactly pinpoint the exact 4Ps but the discussion was of the content written in this article especially the contents of Purpose, Principles and People. The group did fabulously well and we got almost perfect score for that case study to which I believe is largely due to these 4Ps.


Kickstart2014 Conference. My First and #kickstart2014 Trending 6th in The UK



The Kickstart2014 Conference which was held in University of Lincoln is a conference that discuss on issues about student engagement between students and staffs and that how it can be further improved. As a PR student with the university, we students were given the role as social media producer. Our job is to….tweet tweet and tweet!

Making my debut in the conference was great! This is my first ever conference and my first involvement with any kinds of PR activities at the university. The university has its own student PR agency called Cygnet PR which I hope to be part of. Coming back to the conference, our job was to follow the 200 plus delegates that attended and tweet the discussion as it gets on with #kickstart2014.



The event which started at 9am and ended at 4.30pm with our tweets trending 6th in the UK at one point during the debating session!

After the conference ended, it was all about meeting me fellow Malaysians time!

Volunteering at The Community Service (Litter Pick Day)


It’s my first time doing a community service collecting litter on the streets of Lincoln as a volunteer for the Student’s Union.
Together with 7 other volunteers, we headed to Monks Road, the proposed road for the day but as we going to our destination,the amount of rubbish we have already cleared especially cigarette butts was apparent.


Two designated volunteers were tasked to pick the cigarette butts for an NGO organization that lobbies for a smoke free Lincoln City.
The great feeling about doing this is appreciation that I received from the public that thanked us for our work.

Going to Monks Road for the first time, it came as a suprise to me that there is such a beautiful park over there and definitely a great place to go for a run!


The litter pick day ended at 1pm with a little group photo and the pictures of the rubbish, cigarette butts and cigarette boxes that were collected. Overall it’s a great experience for me,having not done any litter pick session since primary school!
Crazy week ahead! See ya!

Experiencing Leeds & The Retail Fair On a Deepavali Day


Hey ya!

Happy Deepavali guys! (It’s a Hindu festival of lights) What a great way to celebrate them with my new found friend, Lakshimi, a Hindu herself sitting beside me on the bus!

The retail fair at Leeds Beckett University was a great way for me to seek experience on everything I should know about getting a possible internship here and at the same time a fabulous way to work on my assignment.

The best perk of this short trip was the opportunity to see Leeds and it is completely free. It was indeed an eye opener to me! I thought it is a small township and I was so wrong!

The retail fair was a great chance for me to approach big retailers like Tesco, M&S, Morrisons, Next and Acadia just to name a few. I got great insights to what these potential employers are looking for in a CV (Crucial for my assignment), the sort of process they go through and finally the interview part. I managed to ask the sort of interview questions they would love to ask on applicants.

Now the sightseeing part! I caught up with my former course mate at Taylor’s University where we had lunch in a mall. (We went on the same flight together!) Michelle took me on a walk along the main streets of Leeds before heading back to the university for her class. While I had about an hour more before the bus leaves Leeds Beckett University, I took up my urban explorer role and went strolling around the universities side of Leeds.


The bus headed back to Lincoln at 3 and I was the last one on bus! Got a bit too carried away with my camera but hey! I was still early actually!

Defining The World & Ourselves


Recently I read an article from called ‘Don’t Let The World Define You, Define Yourself’. While I would say it is a good read but I would remain in my opinion that there is a need of striking the balance between being defined and defining ourselves and others.

You don’t want the world judge you negatively and you definitely do not want to define yourself negatively. Opinions.

How true it is that in this world we are living in is entirely being made up of opinions by leaders and what the invincible people around us wants to know. The perceptions,opinions and views are stereotypes that were formed throughout our life that are being instilled into our minds culturally. That is why different cultures have different views, different practices and probably entirely different ways of judging what is right and what is wrong for the community to do.

But because of stereotype, it gave us an initial view or judgement of the world. The more a person are exposed to all these differences and with education comes the realisation that all these could just be a visualisation of the world around us and that it is not entirely true.

I believe people have stereotypes similar to the society that they’re living in because they want to be accepted as part of the society.

Do we dare say we are not a victim of judgement and judge to others ourselves?

Like the article said, the judgement will never stop and it is up to us how we want to present ourselves to world and how we want the world view us as a human being.

We are living in a world full of manipulation and that it will never stop. The manipulation of what is good,wrong,fashionable,wealth,cool and so on is the art of successful manipulation. When the writer wrote her article, when I wrote this post there is an attempt to manipulate people’s thinking and perception.

We have no idea who made up our views and perceptions but these people are change agent to the world’s perception and they are in my personal view the media and the work of successful public relations.

Stepping into the unknown…

First up, i must say im settling down quite well here in the UK!

But it wasn’t an easy one…

The culture
The weather
The people

They’re all so different….
The decision to come here isn’t easy at all thou….

It’s scary…it’s terrifying to leave home thousands of miles away knowing that this would meant I’m leaving everything behind…
all my loved ones,friends,the familiar scenes…
The familiar faces in my previous university not in sight at all….
A friend asked if I’m scared or prepared to lose out on the things I have here. I replied yeap it’s scary but it’s a calculated risk that I took in the belief that I will come back as a person with a broader perspective,culturally understanding and most of all a wiser journey man.

And I know the decision to leave is the best decision I’ve made so far,getting to experience different cultures,different working methods and meeting different people
I will thrive and survive…
I won’t let myself die I promise!

Lincoln – The new chapter of life

It’s been almost 3 weeks now since arriving in Lincoln. Settling down here has been made easier of course with the weather being relatively cool for the past two weeks but yeap its getting colder and its raining already.

Coming from a tropical country, 16°c is very cold for me!

Then the one thing i truly learnt coming abroad alone is that nobody will do the house chores for u!
I must’ve been pampered so much back home.
You realised nobody is going to make your bed,make your breakfast lunch and dinner.

It’s all on your own now and u clear your own clogged pipe and wash the toilet throne.
Thinking about it,i feel so grateful and thankful to my family back in Malaysia. They’ve been the greatest!

Will update more on life in Lincoln,its beautiful people and culture. Til then…