If I’m A Brand- TGI Friday’s

Brand ME

Brand ME

Somehow if I were to be a brand that I see myself as, then that would be TGI Friday’s.Firstly it’s a very people oriented restaurant not just for its diners but the staffs themselves. Everybody has a great role in it and it is an especially fun place to work in where they all get very much involved with diners’ celebrations.

Friday’s is also a very friendly family and friends oriented restaurant. As family oriented as they may seem, they are a very serious business franchise in an ever competing F&B industry. They gave their best in terms of food,service quality. I believe it suits my personality well while at the same time knowing that I must not lose sight on my aims. (The cathedral on graduation day….i’m coming for you!)

The company too has a great CSR Program that gives back to the society. They are involved charities and are environmentally concious in supporting the Make-a-Wish Foundation and Oxfam.

So,why all of the sudden? Jane,my lecturer had a career counselor from the university’s career department came over to give us a talk and one of the activity was what brand do we consider ourselves as if we were to be one of them.


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