Stepping into the unknown…

First up, i must say im settling down quite well here in the UK!

But it wasn’t an easy one…

The culture
The weather
The people

They’re all so different….
The decision to come here isn’t easy at all thou….

It’s scary…it’s terrifying to leave home thousands of miles away knowing that this would meant I’m leaving everything behind…
all my loved ones,friends,the familiar scenes…
The familiar faces in my previous university not in sight at all….
A friend asked if I’m scared or prepared to lose out on the things I have here. I replied yeap it’s scary but it’s a calculated risk that I took in the belief that I will come back as a person with a broader perspective,culturally understanding and most of all a wiser journey man.

And I know the decision to leave is the best decision I’ve made so far,getting to experience different cultures,different working methods and meeting different people
I will thrive and survive…
I won’t let myself die I promise!


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