Defining The World & Ourselves


Recently I read an article from called ‘Don’t Let The World Define You, Define Yourself’. While I would say it is a good read but I would remain in my opinion that there is a need of striking the balance between being defined and defining ourselves and others.

You don’t want the world judge you negatively and you definitely do not want to define yourself negatively. Opinions.

How true it is that in this world we are living in is entirely being made up of opinions by leaders and what the invincible people around us wants to know. The perceptions,opinions and views are stereotypes that were formed throughout our life that are being instilled into our minds culturally. That is why different cultures have different views, different practices and probably entirely different ways of judging what is right and what is wrong for the community to do.

But because of stereotype, it gave us an initial view or judgement of the world. The more a person are exposed to all these differences and with education comes the realisation that all these could just be a visualisation of the world around us and that it is not entirely true.

I believe people have stereotypes similar to the society that they’re living in because they want to be accepted as part of the society.

Do we dare say we are not a victim of judgement and judge to others ourselves?

Like the article said, the judgement will never stop and it is up to us how we want to present ourselves to world and how we want the world view us as a human being.

We are living in a world full of manipulation and that it will never stop. The manipulation of what is good,wrong,fashionable,wealth,cool and so on is the art of successful manipulation. When the writer wrote her article, when I wrote this post there is an attempt to manipulate people’s thinking and perception.

We have no idea who made up our views and perceptions but these people are change agent to the world’s perception and they are in my personal view the media and the work of successful public relations.


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