Experiencing Leeds & The Retail Fair On a Deepavali Day


Hey ya!

Happy Deepavali guys! (It’s a Hindu festival of lights) What a great way to celebrate them with my new found friend, Lakshimi, a Hindu herself sitting beside me on the bus!

The retail fair at Leeds Beckett University was a great way for me to seek experience on everything I should know about getting a possible internship here and at the same time a fabulous way to work on my assignment.

The best perk of this short trip was the opportunity to see Leeds and it is completely free. It was indeed an eye opener to me! I thought it is a small township and I was so wrong!

The retail fair was a great chance for me to approach big retailers like Tesco, M&S, Morrisons, Next and Acadia just to name a few. I got great insights to what these potential employers are looking for in a CV (Crucial for my assignment), the sort of process they go through and finally the interview part. I managed to ask the sort of interview questions they would love to ask on applicants.

Now the sightseeing part! I caught up with my former course mate at Taylor’s University where we had lunch in a mall. (We went on the same flight together!) Michelle took me on a walk along the main streets of Leeds before heading back to the university for her class. While I had about an hour more before the bus leaves Leeds Beckett University, I took up my urban explorer role and went strolling around the universities side of Leeds.


The bus headed back to Lincoln at 3 and I was the last one on bus! Got a bit too carried away with my camera but hey! I was still early actually!


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