Kickstart2014 Conference. My First and #kickstart2014 Trending 6th in The UK



The Kickstart2014 Conference which was held in University of Lincoln is a conference that discuss on issues about student engagement between students and staffs and that how it can be further improved. As a PR student with the university, we students were given the role as social media producer. Our job is to….tweet tweet and tweet!

Making my debut in the conference was great! This is my first ever conference and my first involvement with any kinds of PR activities at the university. The university has its own student PR agency called Cygnet PR which I hope to be part of. Coming back to the conference, our job was to follow the 200 plus delegates that attended and tweet the discussion as it gets on with #kickstart2014.



The event which started at 9am and ended at 4.30pm with our tweets trending 6th in the UK at one point during the debating session!

After the conference ended, it was all about meeting me fellow Malaysians time!


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