The four Ps of public relations leadership

The four Ps of public relations leadership.

Hey there!

Just finished reading this article which I find it interesting to the PR fraternity. This article was posted to my Facebook University PR Group by our lecturer. The article was written by Anne Gregory on her experience in the communication discipline through the 4Ps.

The 4Ps are Purpose, Principles, People and Process. I couldn’t agree more to it and personally thinks it is a very educating article for a PR student like me.

Besides promoting this article, I’m glad I have personally thought about all these and in fact my friends and I discussed about all these elements that is needed in one of our PR case study during PR Principles.This article just summarised what we discussed and put them in place for what I’ve discussed with my group mates back at Taylor’s University.

Although we did not managed to exactly pinpoint the exact 4Ps but the discussion was of the content written in this article especially the contents of Purpose, Principles and People. The group did fabulously well and we got almost perfect score for that case study to which I believe is largely due to these 4Ps.



  1. Anne · November 4, 2014

    Thank you so much for this feedback. If the 4Ps helped organise your thinking I´m deligheted. All the very best with your studies.

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    • yujin0100 · November 6, 2014

      Hi Anne,
      Thank you for your personal reply which I absolutely did not expect. The article was brilliant! Your article has also strengthen my belief in why I chose public relations as my career pathway.
      Once again thank you for the article and personal reply. I look forward to more of your articles and tweets. Take care and all the best to you as well.


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