Let The X’mas Lights Shine

Hi there!

The streets of Lincoln is all up and running with the X’mas lights now! The turning on of the X’mas lights was an event that marked the start of the X’mas celebrations. The event was attended by the Lord Mayor of Lincoln and was officiated by the 2014 Sochi Paralympics skier Jade Etherington. Jade who is a visually impaired athlete is a local Lincoln hero who won a silver and bronze at 2014 edition.The event was also emceed by Lincolnshire FM.

The event was held at the War Memorial at High Street. Prior to the ceremony,vendors were seen selling balloons and light sticks to create a fun filled ceremony. Performances from singing X’mas carols to plays were displayed to entertain the public like me! Attending this event was special to me as I had no idea the significance of this event. Coming from, this event may sound little to me. Giving a thought about it, it signifies a start to a celebration which in my opinion, should be merrier and bigger!!



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