PR- The Failure of a Nation

I don’t like it when our own people (Malaysians) still identify each other by the race and ethnicity.
Let us not lie about it. The country is so divided today and still look into each other by race, skin colour and ethnicity. This is the failure of our government.
The nation has been always divided for the past 70 years, way older than its formation as a country. While I am always proud to identify myself as a Malaysian in a foreign land, it saddens me when I’ve come so far, thousands of miles away from the country and the last thing I want to see is a Malaysian introducing themselves to people around the world by their race.
Absolute pathetic.
Spiritually we have the Malaysian spirit but why has it been so hard to identify ourselves as Malaysians? We have been so differentiated for far too long. While I’m trying to say this without sounding bias, but racially speaking the ethnic Chinese (I myself included) and the Indians has fared the worst. It’s a shame seriously.
It is very shameful when you can’t sing your own national anthem.
It is a shame when you don’t respect your own national anthem.
It is an embarrassment when you fail to recite your Rukun Negara (National Principles).
When you fail all this, you failed yourself, you’ve failed your country.
I feel proud to call myself Malaysian and am very happy to explain why I look like certain nationality (obviously Chinese) but at the end of the day I will tell them that I am Malaysian. It feels good when you can speak so many different languages.
But again coming back to our divided nation of race and ethnicity, we must face the truth that we have racially discriminated each other by our own racial barriers. The country has been shaped in a way that our own mindset and beliefs that we are unconsciously dividing ourselves. We might have been consciously dividing ourselves in fact.
When the government decided that vernacular school should remain, we are dividing our children at a young age. It is not hard to protect our mother tongue, the national school curriculum just had to be modified to suit people of all culture and differences without discrimination.
But is our government prepared for a change? Ultimately, is Her people ready for this?
Theoretically, this has been propagandistic for so long that it has shaped the way we think, behave and react. Like it or not, the element of propaganda is there and with politicians playing the racial cards these days, we are consciously dividing each other.
We can only ask ourselves how long we want to divide each other.


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