Lincoln Santa Run!

Hello! As the Christmas approaching,i present you  the Lincoln Santa Run! Joined this run with Bernice and her boyfriend Ryan, the run had more than 2000 participants and participants can even choose to run with their dogs as well! This is truly feeling like Christmas now! With £10 joining fee,each participant received a Santa suit,a race number and an exclusive Lincoln Christmas Run 2014 medal! The run was organised by The Rotary Club if Lincoln and few charities will benefit from it. The run aims to collect a total of £84000 for these few charities involved. image image image image image Having joined so many runs back in Malaysia,this Christmas themed run was never heard of back home. It would have been really great if all my training friends can join this together with me! The run was about 3km and they even awarded a trophy for the first male and female runner home! This time I’m joining this run just for the fun of it and for the charity. The old me would have try and give it a fight if I had known about it earlier! Here’s to Christmas guys! Merry Christmas and have a blessed one! Amsterdam next for Christmas!!


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