My Take on Charlie Hebdo

It was a very unfortunate event that lives are lost in this incident. Such violence and hatred must stop. Religion must never be the main reason for people to kill and such inhumane act must be condemned.

I remember I once posted a saying that all religion were created to instil goodness in people and such extremism happened because people has deviate from its actual teachings and strayed from the true cause of a religion. While very much of the world condemns the act, the society today believes in freedom of speech and that gave us the right to voice our opinion and make drawings that hurt some quarter of people. Ask yourself whether marching to show the freedom of speech will help you solve the problem. This protest is just as extremist as terrorism is concerned, and it is like putting off fire with fire. It will only make matter worse. The freedom of speech gives us the right to hold our opinion, the right to a pen and write out our views and not protest to show the power of freedom of speech. The result of this march only incites more hatred towards each other.

In a PR point of view, there is clearly no mutual understanding between both parties. As opposed to the definition we all have by so many PR bodies around the world that public relations is to create a mutual understanding between the parties involved. Clearly, this isn’t a representation of the case at all. To create that mutual understanding means to draw a line to how much freedom of speech allows us to voice our opinion through whatever channels you can name.

As an individual with no faith affiliation to Christianity or Islam, I couldn’t agree more with Pope Francis more than ever on this issue that there are limits to freedom of expression and one shall not make fun of faith. Whether we like it or not, there should be a limit to freedom of speech. It is after all like democracy. We are not completely free of democracy, or else there wouldn’t be law! People will go do whatever they like without any restriction to law and order. How free is freedom of speech today? And finally, how true is religion?


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